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Attorney Services and Fees

       The Law Office of Lander & Shaw is solely devoted to the practice of Social Security disability law. Their successful track record is based on over 40 years of combined legal experience.
       Lander & Shaw is not an impersonal law firm. Every case gets their full and personal attention. One or both of the attorneys meets face-to-face with every potential client who requests a free consultation. A key element of their success is establishing a working relationship that relies on open, honest communication between client and attorney.

Social Security representation
Social Security’s procedures can be broken down as follows:
       1) Initial application
       2) Reconsideration appeal
       3) Court hearing
Lander & Shaw offer representation at all three levels of the disability benefits process.

Initial Application 
       Our own statistics show that a Social Security application that accurately describes your disability and includes supporting medical evidence increases the chances of winning your benefits as early as possible. While each person’s claim is unique, in almost every case we
       • Begin with a comprehensive personal interview
       • Analyze your medical history and develop a strategy that will best present your claim
       • Determine what medical records or other information will need to be included with your application
       • Contact your medical providers to request additional information regarding your ability to work on a continual basis
       • Are responsible for filing your application
       • Assist you in completing forms that Social Security sends you 
       • Make direct contact with the analyst assigned to your claim

Reconsideration Appeal
       Social Security’s own statistics show that 70% of initial applications are denied, and half of the people who receive a denial don’t appeal – they give up. In our experience, most people give up because they don’t understand why they were denied and lost hope. We understand how devastating it can be to be disabled and disbelieved; to feel like Social Security thinks you want a free ride.
       Our services at the Reconsideration level are essentially the same as if we filed the initial application (see above), with a few key additional activities, such as
       • Determining why the claim was denied
       • Developing a strategy to win benefits on Reconsideration
       • Exploring what zero or low-cost community services are available to help establish the medical basis of your claim
       • Filing all necessary paperwork on time.

Administrative Law Judge Hearing 
       Winning your case is extremely important at the hearing level because an ALJ’s denial adversely affects any subsequent Social Security Disability claims.
       Some people ask for a case consultation when their hearing is as little as two weeks away, and a proper presentation may be made with this time limitation if current medical records are readily available or have already been submitted to the court. Alternatively, one postponement is usually granted to allow an attorney to prepare for the hearing.
       Your best chance of winning your case is to hire an attorney who has experience presenting cases at the hearing level and especially at the hearing office where your case will be heard. We cannot stress strongly enough that your attorney’s experience and knowledge of the judges and staff that will be deciding your case is a key element to winning your case.  Lander and Shaw have that knowledge and experience.
        Our services at the Hearing level are multi-faceted, and include
       • Developing a strategy for presentation of the case to the administrative law judge
       • Filing all documents on time
       • Submitting updated medical evidence to the court
       • Preparing the client for their testimony in court (minimum one hour face-to-face time)
       • Preparing to cross-examine Social Security’s Vocational Expert
       • Providing updated medical record to and preparing to cross-examine Social Security’s Medical Expert
       • Writing a Case Summary to submit to the Court,
       • Appearing with client at the hearing

Fees for Social Security representation
        Lander & Shaw’s charges adhere to the fee structure as regulated by the Congress of the United States. The government foresaw that people who were out of work wouldn’t be able to afford retainer fees, so it devised a contingency fee structure that an attorney may charge for their work. 
      A contingency fee is simple to understand– if we can’t win your case, you don’t owe us any money.  We do not require a retainer - it does not cost you anything for us to get started on your case.
      If we win your case, the fee amount is 25% (twenty-five percent) of the “retroactive benefit” award amount, but in no case can the fees be more than $6000 (six thousand dollars). The retroactive benefit is the amount that you would have been paid from the date Social Security determines that your disability began to the date of the decision in your favor.
       Unlike many other attorneys, we do not require you to reimburse our costs for expenses incurred in order to present your claim, whether your claim is successful or not.

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