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About Lander & Shaw

A Welcomed Partnership

Welcomed by people with disabilities, their families, health care providers, social workers, and legal professionals

•    Welcomed by people who need their benefits to survive

       Even in these tough economic times, Social Security isn’t cutting anybody any slack. You have to prove you are too disabled to work with solid medical evidence of your disability and how your ability to work is affected.
       Lander & Shaw have the experience, skill and expertise to win the maximum benefits you are entitled to.

•    Welcomed by the families and friends of people with disabilities

       What can be more frustrating than trying your best to help a friend or loved one only to receive a denial notice in the mail from Social Security? No one at Social Security will tell you the best way to proceed, or suggest what might make a difference as the claim continues.
       A Social Security claim is a big responsibility, and Lander & Shaw can take the weight off of your shoulders.

•    Welcomed by health care professionals

       Doctors, therapists, family nurse practitioners and other health care professionals recognize the difficulties faced by their patients in navigating the Social Security system. Many physicians and mental health counselors can’t understand why their patients are denied needed benefits.
       It takes more than a casual knowledge of Social Security’s numerous regulations and procedures to know why a person is being denied benefits. Lander & Shaw have the know-how to build a successful Social Security claim.

•    Welcomed by social services agencies with tight budgets

       Governmental budget cutbacks effect us all, and non-profits and county agencies are among those hardest hit by the recession. With depleted budgets, it’s a struggle for them to keep up with their consumer’s needs.
       Lander & Shaw will accept a case at any stage of the proceedings, which can reduce the client load for many kinds of social services agencies. There are no up-front fees or costs to worry about, and fees are only due if the benefits claim is successful.

•    Welcomed by legal professionals

       Attorneys know that only a specialist in a particular area of law can keep abreast of the latest developments in their field. Lawyers practicing family law, personal injury, workers compensation, long-term disability insurance can confidently make referrals to Lander & Shaw, who specialize in disability law. They are as well known for the compassion and the respect they show their clients as they are for their track record of winning cases.

About Steven M. Lander


     I have spent the past 33 years as a civil trial attorney practicing in Northern California, handling claims for personal injury and medical malpractice. I take great pride in my work and have successfully represented hundreds of clients.                  

     I can personally relate to people living with disabilities. In 2001, I suffered a serious back injury that left me unable to work for over six months.  At first I could not stand, walk or even sit up. I was very fortunate; my disability was only temporary.                                            

     In 2006, I met Steve Shaw while I was working as an attorney volunteer at a non-profit agency serving people with disabilities. I was shocked to learn that almost 70% of the people who apply for Social Security are denied their benefits. I heard horror stories about how non-attorney representatives, and even some attorneys, just didn’t what the hell they were doing. I also found out that many people are so discouraged that they just give up! Learning all of this and knowing what it feels like to be unable to support my family had a profound and life changing effect on me and on my career path. 

       I decided to exclusively practice Social Security law, allowing me to utilize all of my attorney skills and  extensive knowledge of the law and medicine to obtain the disability benefits people are entitled to from Social Security. I know what it takes to properly evaluate, present and win a Social Security benefits claim, and I have the experience and skill to make a difference in almost any case.  I also have the compassion and understanding to give my clients the support they need to successfully get through what can be a long and difficult process.  I hope that you will give me the opportunity to help you.

About Steven Irving Shaw


       Steven Shaw was admitted to the California State Bar in 2001 and has devoted his entire legal career to working on behalf of people with disabilities who are applying for Social Security or other public  benefits.
       “Most people don’t have any idea of how hard it is to get the benefits they need to survive, and are not prepared to fight a bureaucracy that doesn’t seem to care about their health or how long the process takes. You need an attorney who knows the system inside and out.”
       During ten years of providing legal services at a non-profit agency serving people with disabilities in Santa Rosa, Steve gained recognition for his extensive knowledge and patient communication style.
       “People can tell when someone cares about them. I reduce my client’s stress level by letting them know in plain language what to expect at every step of the process. I have more than 12 years of valuable experience with the region’s Social Security judges, and I use it to prepare my clients for their day in court.”
       One area of Social Security law that Steve finds particularly satisfying is working on behalf of children with disabilities. Many attorneys don’t take these cases because the Social Security regulations are more complex than those for adult cases. Steve’s experience in this area of the law gives him a decided edge.
       “The best judges of my skills are the people who have hired me to handle their Social Security case. Check out the Testimonials page to read over two dozen unedited client testimonials.”

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